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July 18, 2018

David has always faced adversity. He grew up in the foster care system – often being bounced from one house to another without a stable place to call home. Always feeling ostracized by the homes he ended up in, by age 7, he’d already had his first drink. This led him down a dark path that included almost 30 years on the streets struggling with alcohol and drug use. He tried to drown out the bad memories and trauma with severe drug and alcohol use. During one of his binges on the streets, a Union Station outreach worker approached him and handed him a card. A week later, he decided to go to their Adult Center.

“I was tired of being tired. I was hungry, half-naked, dirty, unwanted, and high all the time. I needed a change.”

David’s case manager addressed his immediate needs – he was hungry and needed shelter – but also connected him to a rehabilitation program and career development program. Sometimes, a meal and a friendly face are the first steps in someone’s journey to a new life. With a renewed strength, David used all the resources provided by Union Station's career development program and found employment within a couple weeks.

David has created the life he's always dreamt of. He secured employment, maintained his sobriety, and met and married his wife, Valerie. The right support truly provides people like David with a second chance at life, which can impact generations to come.

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