July 02, 2018

Dalton has a skill for cooking, entertaining, and inspiring people to come together in a community setting. But that joyous, upbeat life was difficult to maintain when he found himself in a destructive relationship that ultimately led him to lose his home.

After navigating the challenges of homelessness, he found PATH and PATH Ventures and became a resident of one of their permanent supportive housing communities.

When I first got my key, I didn’t think it was real...I thought it was a joke, like someone was going to take it,” Dalton said.

After settling into his new place, he soon became an enthusiastic tenant, planning community events such as barbeques and holiday get-togethers. But he had a lot of personal development to do. After working on overcoming personal challenges, he is now more than 6 months sober and is focusing on giving back to the community by pursuing a career in social services and possibly becoming a case manager for youth. He looks forward to obtaining his Master’s degree and helping other people who may be in similar situations he experienced.

"I've got something that’s priceless. Somebody’s taken the time to answer the phone for me. To show up for me...I can love me. And I can love other people. And I can help other people as well as helping myself."




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