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Cheap Shoes...

November 05, 2018

Cheap Shoes...

I've been asked this a lot: How come your shoes are so cheap? Why don't you sell them at a higher price? One of our repeat customers said to me: "I almost didn't buy your shoes at first because they're so cheap. They look great in the pictures, but I thought something must be wrong with them because of the price." Fortunately he took a chance on us, and after receiving his Easy Rider, he was so happy with them that he bought a pair of Abbey Road two weeks later. "I'd easily pay over a hundred bucks for these!" said the satisfied customer. 

So why do we only charge $66 for our shoes when we can charge more? The answer is simple: Inclusivity. In today's world, many brands want to feel exclusive. They only want a certain type of customer (aka. big spenders) and they want their customer to feel superior, better than their peers when shopping with them or wearing their stuff. To us, that is an old world concept. We believe that there is no separation between people. We're all made of the same stuff - stardust, love, God Particle - whatever you wanna call it, which really means we're all family, and we're all brothers and sisters under the sun.    

With this core belief, we consciously decided against a price barrier that may prevent some of our brothers from being able to afford our beautiful shoes and rob them of the opportunity to feel great and confident about themselves when they go on a date or a job interview. When you come to our site, we want you to pick out a pair of shoes purely based on your preference in style and need, not price. Knowing that all our shoes are affordable and cost the same, you can shop at ease and feel as good as the next guy picking out his pair. 

Will our shoes always stay at $66 and will we carry more expensive shoes down the road? We don't know. It all depends on the future cost of shoes from our suppliers, our future overheads, our growth needs, our charity needs, etc. But one thing is for certain: we promise to do our best to keep our shoes as affordable as possible so we can serve as many people as possible!

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