Didn't Know Shoes Could Do This...

October 23, 2018

Today I received an email from Kim Watson, founder of Project Joy. She told me that after returning with our donated shoes and t-shirts, they did a photoshoot for some of the young men at the shelter. The photos turned out stunning (as you can see here)! But what really moved and energized me were Kim's words, and with her permission, I'm sharing them here. I really had no idea the kind of impact our donation could have on people... I guess sometimes things are more than things:  

"The shoes brought this group of young men together. I saw them evolve from some guys who have been sharing a space to a unified force. At one point of the photoshoot, they were asked to move together as a unit - and they did - with smiles and confidence. The shoes were the instrument to build a stronger bond. It brought a lot of excitement and positive energy to us all. By your customers gifting the shoes, it led to a wonderful new experience, visible self-esteem boost, lots of laughter and the ability to walk together as brothers. Also, all of our guys have a different style and personality, but amazingly your shoes seemed to conform to their individuality. Amazing! 

Thank you Brethren Shoes. Your mission is changing lives." 

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