First Donation Delivery of 2019 + Launch of Brethren Support Circle

January 25, 2019

First Donation Delivery of 2019 + Launch of Brethren Support Circle | Brethren Enterprises

Today we dropped off our 2019's first batch of donation shoes (33 pairs) at The People Concern's El Puente shelter at downtown LA. This is the second time we donated shoes to this site- the last time was in November. We were again warmly received by Asha and Daniel.

In addition to the donations, we kicked off our first Brethren Support Circle with over a dozen El Puente clients (both men and women). My dear friend and brother, George Kansas, an amazing coach and inspirational speaker, came with me to host the support circle. Our initial goal was to explore the concept of masculinity and rediscover one's super powers with a group of brothers-in-need. However, at the last minute request of some of the female clients, we decided to open the group up to everyone. And that was such a good decision!

Instead of discussing the topics that we prepared for, a whole new set of topics organically emerged from the group. They included self-healing, understanding how one attracts and manifests different situations in one's life and taking 100% responsibility for them all, healthy masculinity, and the ancient Hawaiian practice of ho'oponopono. The discussions were lively, non-judgmental, uplifting, heart-centered, and heartfelt. Some of us even shed a few tears. 

To be honest, I felt both excited and a little uncertain before the event. I had never spoken to a group of adults transitioning out of homelessness before and I didn't know if there were any off-limit topics or things that we should not say. However, I decided that I'd speak to these folks the same way that I address my peers or my CEO group, and I'd only speak from my heart. I felt an amazing connection to everyone in the circle and my body was buzzing with a high vibration during the entire hour and half. I must admit that I was both surprised and humbled by the deep insights and wisdom that were shared by our brothers and sisters from the streets. We all learned a great deal from each other and the session ended on a high note. 

With the success of the first Brethren Support Circle, we plan on making this a regular event with various charity partners in the future!  

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