Hats off to our amazing contributors...

April 17, 2019

Hats off to our amazing contributors... | Brethren Enterprises

You have no idea how lucky I feel to work at Brethren! We experience people's compassion and generosity on a regular basis.   

Take last weekend for instance- I woke up on Saturday to an alert indicating that someone had just purchased 13 pairs of donation shoes! 13 PAIRS!! Wow... that's a new record! And it was from an angel named Laureen from Virginia. I was so touched and inspired by her BIG heart.

Before Laureen, our previous record holder is Glen from California. He purchased 10 pairs of donation shoes in his brother's name as a birthday present for him. According to Glen, his brother doesn't like getting things for his birthday so he came up with this ingenious idea so our brothers-in-need would benefit, which his brother loved!

Last but not least, I'd like to acknowledge Anna from Massachusetts. Since November of last year, Anna has made three separate purchases of donation shoes. Same as Laureen and Glen, Anna came to Brethren just to buy shoes for those in need. Another angel in disguise...

And to all our amazing supporters: THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE, COMPASSION, AND GENEROSITY!

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