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Our 10th Donation Delivery + 2nd Brethren Support Circle

March 21, 2019

Our 10th Donation Delivery + 2nd Brethren Support Circle

Today we delivered our 10th batch of donation shoes at The People Concern's El Puente shelter at downtown LA. This is the third time we donated shoes to this site and we're really starting to get to know the folks here.

In addition to the donations, we held our second Brethren Support Circle with over a dozen participants from the shelter (both men and women). My dear friend and brother, Abdallah Omeish, joined me this time to co-host it. Abdallah is an award-winning film maker, a great father, a loving husband, and an all around amazing human being! He made a touching 3-min short on homelessness 8 years ago, titled "One Meal", which I highly recommend watching!

During the hour and half session, we discussed a wide range of topics, including forgiveness, healing, faith, self-love, how one's belief creates their reality, etc. The group openly shared many heartfelt and personal stories. It was a very inspiring session and we all learned so much from each other! 

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