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This email touched my heart...

November 16, 2018

This email touched my heart...

I received the following email today and with its sender's permission, I'm sharing it here with you:

After a crappy commute last night in northern NJ (we had a horrific snowstorm--took me 4 hours to go the 10 miles home from the office)--I woke up early and went on social media to see everyone scapegoating the politicians for the weather and resulting traffic disasters. Somewhere I came upon an article on your company. I donated two pairs and it helped wash away what would have been a far worse evening had I not had a warm cozy home to return to after the ordeal. We must always remind ourselves that the small inconveniences in life shouldn't be blown out of proportion when we can rest assured we have a car to commute with, warm clothes for getting stuck in the snow, a roof to stay dry under, food waiting in the fridge, and a soft bed to sleep in when we finally make it home.

⁣~ jessica. 

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