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Our Purpose...

November 30, 2018

Our Purpose...

This may sound strange, but after launching Brethren Shoes for two and half months, we just had an "aha" moment on our purpose and why we need to exist! Let me explain...

I founded the company to tackle one aspect of the homelessness issue- the need for new and comfortable shoes. We all know that wearing a pair of beautiful shoes is a great confidence booster and it makes you feel good about yourself. To someone experiencing and transitioning out of homelessness, a pair of nice shoes means so much more- it also helps restore their sense of dignity and get them back on their feet, literally. However, while doing some research online a few days ago, I gained a new perspective on the importance of shoes when I came upon this and this article, and these things got me all worked up and energized!

What struck me is this: up to 67% of homeless individuals have reported foot problems, which include superficial fungal infections, calluses, corns, bunions, and functional limitations with walking that are the result of trauma from ill-fitting shoes


All these brothers and sisters are suffering from painful, yet preventable foot conditions and diseases simply because they don't have proper-fitting shoes?? THAT'S ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!

WE'RE TOTALLY CHANGING THAT!! (And yes, you're part of we!)

Our purpose at Brethren Shoes is to supply EVERY HOMELESS PERSON IN AMERICA a pair of proper-fitting and comfortable shoes at the time of their need. 

Time to get to work!

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