You Buy a Pair, We Donate a Pair to Someone In Need!

We have the most amazing customers!

November 18, 2018

We have the most amazing customers!

I’m not bragging, but we really do have the most amazing and generous customers in the world! I’m so inspired and humbled by their big hearts and their act of kindness. Since we launched in September, 42% of our customers have either bought donation shoes along with their purchase or only bought donation shoes and nothing for themselves. Our very first customer bought 5 pairs of donation shoes and none for himself while our biggest benefactor to-date bought 10 pairs of donation shoes and didn't get anything for himself! WOW!! 

What surprised me the most are our female customers, who currently make up 22% of the customer base. I didn't expect to have such a high number of women buying on Brethren since we only sell men’s shoes. And of all the women who made a purchase, 62% bought donation shoes for someone in need! DOUBLE WOW!!! 

I'm very encouraged by the numbers so far and I feel we're onto something special. As I've always believed, we're all capable of a great deal of compassion and generosity when given the opportunity. Thank you, my brothers and sisters!

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