You Buy a Pair, We Donate a Pair to Someone In Need!

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Gift another Pair to Someone-in-Need For Only $33

If you’d like to be a Super Brethren and contribute more, please make your contributions below or select the option of 'Buy for Brother-in-Need' at checkout and the donation amount of your choosing will be added to your cart. At only $33 a pair, we will gift one pair of shoes on your behalf (with shipping on us). These are mostly gender-neutral shoes so we can also accommodate our sisters-in-need. Your donated shoes will be delivered the following month. On average, we make one donation delivery per month. As a thank you, you will receive 66 Brethren Points per pair donated, as well as a confirmation email with the name and location of the shelter that received your gift.


Below are some of the styles we’re currently donating. These styles will change from time to time as per our charity partners’ request.

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